Saturday, May 21, 2011

May Brings Many Changes to the West Balcony

May has been a very busy month for Mr. Rooster and me.  Our grand-peep started playing T-Ball with Rooster as the coach.  Yesterday was his last day of kindergarten.  We're so proud of him finishing school two weeks early because he has passed all his test to have early release.
My west balcony has grown so much over the past month.  My Morning Glories are now climbing the fishing line above the balcony rails and each morning I have purple flowers.  I have tomatoes on my patio plants, lots of blooms for future tomatoes. 

My upside down tomato plant is doing great, about 15 blooms so hopeful the warmer weather of June will bring lots of tomatoes.  I soak this basket every other day for about 30 minutes in a large cooler I fill with water.  Because of the Dusty Miller, Petunias and other plants that share this basket I feed it twice a week with bloom and tomato fertilizer.  Soaking wet this basket weights about 50 pounds!!!

 A Sunflower peeks out of the Morning Glories. 

West balcony hanging baskets with Sweet Potato vines, annual flowers that need a little more heat to start flowering. Morning Glories climbing up the fishing line, they give us a living privacy fence.  We've enjoyed waking up each morning to the pretty flowers.                           

This week I hope to see my third Gerber Daisy flower bloom.  The first two blooms have been yellow and pink.  What color will this bloom be??!!

I started this young tomato in January from seed.  My only tomato seedling that made it through the weird spring weather. 
Morning Glories climbing higher, I added the fishing line last week, this week they've grown another foot taller. 
 My daughter gave me a start of what my mom called Hen and Chicken.
 I planted this patio tomato plant in February, I've harvested a few tomatoes each month and now that the weather is warming up it has grown another foot and added lots of cherry tomotoes. 
My largest hanging basket with my upside down tomato plant, Dusty Miller and annual flowers. 

June should bring more flowers and veggies to my west balcony with the warmer weather in Texas.


  1. Stopping by from A Diva's Garden. I love your blog too, you have a new follower. I want to make sure I don't miss anything, lol. Your cherry tomatoes are coming along nicely. I'll be planting mine this week-end. The weather hasn't been very cooperative in these parts. We've been blessed with 2 days of sunshine finally, so I'm taking advantage of it.

  2. Wow! Looks great! I can't believe you already have tomatoes...I'm just getting the flowers now :). Love the climbing plants.