Friday, January 13, 2012

Started a Winter Quilt

Mother enjoys watching me quilt in the front bedroom in the afternoons.  While living on the farm she always had a quilt in this room so when her lady friends dropped in they'd sit around the quilt and gossip.  
 I found this 9 patch quilt in the attic among about 8 other mom had bought over the years.  I like the bright yellow color and the old linen material in the 9 patch.  In the large yellow squares I traced a Rooster with a heart around it.  So far I am really loving this quilt.

I'm just about ready for the first roll of the quilt.  If I get serious about quilting again I am going to invest in a better frame because this one is missing 2 legs, the latch doesn't hold as tight as I like.

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