Monday, June 3, 2013

Can it really be June??!!!

Worked on the front yard over the weekend.  Mowed, pulled weeds which the chickens loved.  We had a few inches of rain this past week so the grass was getting high.
Thought the garden could use a scarecrow so I dug out an old Halloween sign out and dressed him in camo, just need to finishing adding the last touches (gloves and boots).

My Chicken house is taking shape!!!  The farm has an old commercial chicken house that I added a small coop too.  I can continue to enlarge the more chickens I have. 

Finally found out what this herb in the front yard is and it uses.  This is Wormwood herb.

The front of the farm house, notice the dogs in the window watching their mama work in the yard under the pecan trees.

It is wonderful to start harvesting veggies from the garden this week!!!  We had a few frost and close freezes in April after I planted my plants out of the greenhouse...I have 40 tomato, 25 bell peppers, 10 zucchini, 15 summer squash, jalapeno, and more hot peppers and my cucumbers that are just now climbing.   

My barn cats are bring their babies to the feeding dish on the front porch.  This is Oreo's new babies about 4 or 5 weeks old.

Just a few pears on the pear tree after a late frost in Mid-April, last year I had enough to can and make pear jelly.  So sad but the cooler weather has made the winter garden continue to grow.

My tomato plants in the north garden between the big hay barn and the chicken house.  Working to get all the cages put on since there are tons of blooms and small tomatoes already.

Keep coming rain!!!

A Early Girl tomato, my Juliettes are doing much better this year. 

My Mother's Day gift from my kids!!!  Don't they know their mama!!

Harvesting from the garden for tonights dinner, lettuce, tomato, radish, zucchini and a bottle of wine! 

Sir Robert the Rooster!!!  He crowed for the first time last week.  He is only 2 months old, what a great watchdog he is for his ladies.

Lettuce, onions and garlic garden in the backyard by the deck.

They the flock love the mirror I added to their coop!!  Well, maybe Sir Robert gets a little upset when he sees the other rooster in the mirror.

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