Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Container Balcony Garden

I've been following Fern's blog all winter long waiting impatiently to start a container garden on my east and west balcony at our new townhouse.  She ask her followers to buy the same 5 seed packets, start our seeds indoor till we can pot them in a container then record how each pot is doing all over the world. 

My seeds arrived 2 weeks ago, I bought a Jiffy greenhouse at Walmart to start the experience for Texas.  My little seedlings have began to sprout so now I've been hunting a permanent container for their summer home.  Found one at Ross (markdown!!!) about 18 inches deep. 

Here are the seeds from Botanical Interests: 

Sunflower Sunspot - grows to be about 18 to 24 inches tall
Garlic Chinese Chives -
Tomato Bush Better Bush -
Cucumber Spacemast -
Purple Petra Basil -

Except for the Sunflowers sounds like a good salad just add lettuce. 

I planted the seeds on March 3, today all are popping their heads up. 
Updates to follow!!


  1. Yay! How do you know which seeds are which?

  2. I have markers between my plants plus I've got so I can tell which seedling is what from my seed packet.

    I love the group project of 5 seeds. Can't wait to see how different our containers will look.