Monday, April 11, 2011

My Balcony Garden after 90 MPH Winds Storm Last Night

 Sunset this evening off my west balcony.  My east balcony didn't hardly get any rain or damage.  After photo.

 My one red tomato made it through the storm!!!!  My onions are bend and broke but I had blooms on my white Zucchini this afternoon after the storm.  After photo.
At 6:00AM my poor seedlings came out of their holder and fly across the balcony. 
Home Depot had an 18 wheeler flipped over these are the trialers in their parking lot.  Damage everywhere just a few miles from my balcony.  I feel lucky tonight.
 My basket of newly planted Geraniums, Mornings Glories, Tomatilla, Bell Peppers made it with little leave damage.  My Purple Passion did great didn't even lose a leaf.  Right after the storm.
All cleaned up after the storm.  The Sweet Potato vines I planted Saturday did great. 

This building is one mile from my west balcony!!!  Bye-Bye.

This is my local Lowes, the tops of their green house is gone as well as all the tin buildings in their parking lot.  2 miles from my balcony. 

This salad planter did great except the purple onions are sad, the heirloom tomato did great as did the squash plant. 

All cleaned up tonight.  My seedling for the community project are all mixed up but after a little tender loving care under the grow light for the next few day I should be able to tell what is damaged and what I can save. 

Our first Texas spring storm.  More to come I am sure!!!  At least they all got tons of great rain water last night.  I added about 2 inches of potting soil to all my pots to help with stress and the cooler temps tonight from a high yesterday of 90 to 49 tonight. 

Night, night babies!!!

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  1. I really like all the creative pots you have. I especially love the red wagon turned planter! Did you make holes on the bottom? I'm gonna have to make a trip to the thrift store this weekend!