Thursday, April 14, 2011

My New Plants and Planters

New tin Rooster planter with a "rescue" Gerber Daisy, Begonia, some seedlings and a Sweet Potato vine.  Drained holes for drainage.
 Close-up of the pink Gerber Daisy.  Bought a Lowes after the storm for $2.50. 
 My first tomato from a patio tomato. 
Begonias from Lowes, 44 cents a 6 pack.  Poor babies needed a new home on my east balcony. 
 Africa Daisy in a Rooster planter.  Another "rescue" plant from Lowes. 
 My new basket (garage sale find) pink Geranium & Sweet Potato vine.  It is lined with newspaper and moss then soil.  Makes a wonderful welcome to my front door.
East balcony. 
 East balcony.  I only have to water this balcony every other day.
Vintage pitcher that I drained 4 holes in for drainage, Pink Geranium.   One of my friends gave me one of her babies from her Airplane plant it is in it new home a vintage green ceramic pot that I drained holes in for drainage. 

This evening while watering my plants I saw a big worm come up for water.  Last week Mr. Rooster when fishing and brought home not only fish but is left over worms.  I sprinkle a little cornmeal and coffee grounds to feed it and he lives in my plants.  I feed him and his other friends he works my soil.  We both win!

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