Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How you make homemade Fish Emulsion for the garden

Two of my nephews when fishing this week and caught about 30 fish they planned to use for the family fish fry.  I ask them to save me everything they would toss to make homemade Fish Emulsion. 

It might smell a bit but if you follow these directions it is the best thing for an organic garden. 

If you are using fresh fish, you need to compost it separately in a 5 gallon close able bucket. Fill bucket 1/2 full with extra browns like sawdust, leaves, or straw. You can add molasses to the fishy mixture in order to build up microbes in order to speed up decomposition. The sugars will also help control odors too. Open the bucket and stir the fishy paste daily or every other day in order to get air in the mix for better decomposition and better aerobic microbial growth in the emulsion. Let this paste rot for at least 1-2 weeks. The browns help control offensive odors and absorb organic nitrogen from the fish so that it is not leached out or evaporated.


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